Essential Text: Vocabulary for the Common Core

[Read time: 1.5 minutes] While Vocabulary for the Common Core has been panned by some reviewers online as a rehash of Marzano’s previous CCSS texts, it has proven itself to be among my most relevant and valuable instructional resources. The book is brimming with easily implementable strategies to support his six-step, research-based process for effective vocabulary. And discovering the time-saving word lists in the second half of the book was almost as gratifying as finding a sheet of iron-on patches in the depths of a box of Honey-Comb.

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Part 1

If you’re already on board with why students need direct vocabulary instruction, you can coast right through the first chapter. But if you still need to be convinced of the absolute necessity of a strong vocabulary for academic success, Marzano and Simms present an airtight case backed by ample research-based evidence and meta-analyses.

Next, they offer a thorough explanation of each of the six steps for effective vocabulary instruction, built on the idea that word knowledge is developed with repeated exposure in multiple contexts. Each step is featured with practical, use-in-class-tomorrow ways for implementation.

Parts 2 and 3

But the pages that REALLY curl my toes are in Parts 2 and 3 where the authors present lists of CCSS vocabulary terms by tier (Tier 2: general academic vocabulary; Tier 3: domain-specific vocabulary); content (ELA or math), and grade level (K-8 or HS). These tables alone have saved me HOURS of time. MAJOR shout out to Dr. Marzano and Ms. Simms.

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