About Me

I’m Elena: high-energy, low-maintenance, solar-powered, and happiest when in motion. I’m a habitual organizer and incurable logophile, relentlessly curious and always grammatically correct. I have a soft spot for shelter dogs, underdogs, and people who hug like they mean it. My perfect night out is staying in with my husband, our dogs, and a pint of Talenti No. 19.

And I love to love words. I can’t get enough of devouring clever headlines like these:

chicken-of-the-sea amazin disgracesit happens

  • marveling at anagrams (Did you realize that “eleven plus two” is an anagram of “twelve plus one”? Whoaaaa.)
  • discoveries such as the fact that oxymoron derives from the Greek words meaning “sharp” and “dull” (and is itself an oxymoron!); that “supercilious comes from the Latin for eyebrow, supercilium, which supercilious people often raise (Source: Word Drops: A Sprinkling of Linguistic Curiositiesvocabwithmoxie by Paul Anthony Jones)
  • and laughing so hard at wordplay like this that I sound like a gremlin choking on a Golden Graham.

vocab with moxie

Since 2002, I have been active in education as a teacher, mentor, and ed tech leader. I even have some fancy-ish credentials to prove it:

  • National Board Certified Teacher, English Language Arts
  • Certified Master Teacher, Colorado Department of Education
  • MA in Instruction and Curriculum, University of Colorado at Boulder

But none of that makes me an expert on vocabulary.

I am just a teacher who lives language and loves language and is committed to sharing it with my students. I am a teacher who feels overwhelmed by the demands of my job and has tried many many ways to engage and guide my students. On Vocabulary With Moxie, I will share what has worked, what hasn’t, and how I’d do it differently the next time.